Tidal Bore

Driving Distance (km): 100
Drive Time (minutes): 69
11 Bendview Ct, Moncton, NB E1C 0H7, Canada, Canada

When the quickly rising waters of the Bay of Fundy tide meet a river—such as New Brunswick’s Petitcodiac—it overpowers the river, pushing against the river’s flow in a visible wave. This natural phenomenon—a tidal bore—causes the water in this otherwise placid river to roll back upstream in a wave that ranges in height from three cm (one in.) to 75 cm (30 in.) and at speeds up to 13 km/hour. Just as spectacular is the rapid and dramatic change in the river itself. At low tide, the muddy river bottom is often visible, but within an hour of the arrival of the tidal bore, the water level rises and fills the river to its banks.

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