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Natural Stress Management

Summer cottage life and stress management go hand in hand. Finding tranquillity and solace inside a rustic, charming cottage along the brim of Kouchibouguac National Park is as natural as an Atlantic Ocean sunrise on Kellys Beach. There’s genuinely never been a more critical time to escape the city en route to a secluded woodland setting that’s accented by curious wildlife, dense forestry, and rich history. Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort, home to the coziest, most affordable cottage rentals in New Brunswick, is an idyllic, family-friendly destination that simultaneously acts as the getaway to the National Park and all of its wonder. In these backwoods, you’ll rediscover the true meaning of stress management, harmony, and rejuvenation.

The Healing Powers of Kouchibouguac National Park

Yes, we boast a small fleet of charming cottage rentals in New Brunswick’s famous eastern coastline. But the resort, as a whole, is the perfect combination of natural beauty, hospitality, convenience, and ceaseless adventure. There are countless stress-relieving benefits of finding your wild side, deep in the heart of undisturbed wilderness. So, we decided to list 10 unique benefits of visiting Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort during summer’s radiance.

  1. Improves mental health
  2. Deepens relationships
  3. A digital detox allows us to focus on what matters: family
  4. Enhances physical fitness
  5. Catch up on sleep
  6. Cleaner air and plenty of vitamin D
  7. Try new exploratory challenges
  8. Reconnect with your wild side
  9. Time to meditate via forest bathing
  10. Get inspired and spark creativity

The Ultimate Stress-Reducing Staycation

New Brunswick recently rolled out a new staycation tourism campaign,
imploring Canadians to travel close to home in an effort to stimulate the economy and decrease stress. Safety is our number one priority. Thanks to our dedicated staff, loyal guests, and ceaseless surrounding outlands, families, couples, and small groups are naturally able to vacation safely. The backcountry setting allows guests to spread their wings in or near the dense forestry.

Steps from the comfiest cottage rentals in New Brunswick, nature enthusiasts young and old can build campfires, hike into the National Park, paddle into pristine estuarine waters, and learn about Mi’gmaq culture. Some families choose to relax without a care in the world on the property, while others prefer to spend much of the day exploring the National Park’s dunes, salt marshes, shorelines, and deep-forested trails.

Pet-Friendly Cottage Rentals in New Brunswick

Before and after partaking in a variety of classic stress management activities, don’t forget to utilize one of our beloved cottage rentals in New Brunswick’s prized Acadia backcountry. The best resorts in Canada instinctively offer three things: on- and off-site adventure, world-class hospitality, and, of course, affordable, comfortable lodging. And Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort has remained a gleaming beacon for city dwellers in need of a true escape since it opened in 1968.

Before we let you go, it’s vital to note the importance of pets in our lives. We fully understand that leaving your favourite four-legged friends at home certainly won’t help relieve stress. Thus, dogs are welcome in most of our units! They’ll appreciate the natural beauty, fresh air, and sprawling beaches just as much as you and your family. Please give us a call today at 833-484-9923 to speak with a reservationist (or check availability online).