Kouchibouguac: the Perfect New Brunswick Staycation

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Kouchibouguac National Park becomes all the more enticing. New Brunswick’s Acadian Coast is widely celebrated for its diverse wildlife, picturesque dunes, serene saltmarshes, and countless isles. Thus, a long-overdue New Brunswick staycation to Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort should be on your to-do list this summer. Not only is our affordable, secluded respite located at the National Park’s front door, but you’ll barely have to move a muscle to fully immerse yourself in nature. Cyclists, hikers, paddlers, and photographers revere this land for its natural beauty, isolation, and, of course, its rejuvenating powers.


A Well-Deserved New Brunswick Staycation

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A few weeks back, the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture shrewdly launched a campaign titled, “Hope Restored,” in an effort to promote staycations. It’s not overly difficult to persuade a family to explore Kouchibouguac National Park along the Acadian Coastal Drive, as this particularly breathtaking slice of New Brunswick remains one of the last remaining hidden gems in Canada. Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort (and the surrounding wilderness) affords safety, seclusion, and countless acres of uninhabited outland. For obvious reasons, a New Brunswick staycation has never been more enticing than it is today, thanks in large part to this region’s ability to reinvigorate its curious visitors.

The Allure of Kouchibouguac National Park

Time will tell if Kouchibouguac National Park’s many attractions, such as the Mi’gmaq wigwam gatherings, guided canoe trips, and Kellys Beach lagoon walks, will resume to coincide with summer’s arrival. However, self-guided exploration remains the preferred method of adventure for most families and couples. We recommend learning more about the region, particularly the Mi’gmaq people, upon arrival. It’s important to appreciate the history of this land to gain a new perspective on its former inhabitants and origins. The Mi’gmaq people have a spiritual and cultural connection to this landscape. Kouchibouguac means “river of the long tides,” which perfectly describes the river mouth’s behaviour. To learn more about the Mi’gma’ki territory, please visit the park’s website.

Once you’ve gained a proper understanding of this territory, feel free to explore it in as many ways as possible, including hiking, cycling, geocaching, fishing, and paddling. With over 230 square kilometres of potential mid-day adventure, you’ll certainly have no problem finding new ways to greet the day.

The Best Resorts in Canada: Discover Séjour

After each full day spent exploring the park’s dunes, lagoons, marshes, and forests, return to Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort for a memorable evening under the stars. After barbecuing your dinner, gather around a private campfire with an ice-cold beverage of choice to usher in the night. Roast marshmallows, share stories of the day’s wildest adventures, gaze at gleaming stars above, and be glad that you chose a New Brunswick staycation to Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort. We boast a small fleet of classic Kouchibouguac cabins that are equally rustic, convenient, affordable, and clean. Please don’t hesitate to call 1-833-484-9923 or visit our bilingual website to book a long-awaited staycation to the Canadian wilderness.