Percy doodle – A city dog discovering nature

Hi! I’m Percy! I’m a Goldendoodle who lives in HalifaxNova Scotia, with my Mum and Dad, and my sisters, Dolly and Herbie the Cat. A few months ago, we wanted to have an family adventure — one that us dogs would love, as well as my pawrents. That’s when we decided to take a trip to Xpérience Kouchibouguac. We’d never been to that part of New Brunswick and thought it would be a lot of fun to go somewhere new. Well, guess what — we were right! We had so much fun during our stay at Xpérience Kouchibouguac, and we want to tell you all about it! Here are a few reasons we think Xpérience Kouchibouguac is a pawesome spot to for a vacation retreat — for humans and dogs alike!

They’ll Leave the Light On For You

We mean that literally! Driving to Xpérience Kouchibouguac from Halifax takes a few hours, so it was already pretty late by the time Mum and Dad finished the workday! They got in touch with the folks at Xpérience Kouchibouguac and explained their circumstances. And guess what? They said no problem! In fact, they gave us directions to our cottage and made sure we’d have no trouble getting in, even though we were arriving after hours! Mum and Dad thought that was really nice, and when we arrived, we were able to settle in quickly.

A Bed for Everyone

Once we arrived, we couldn’t believe how cool our cottage was! Get this, doods, there was a bed for everyone — even for Dolly and me! All told, I think our cabin could have comfortably slept 9 people and a few dogs! We loved having all that space. Plus, the cabin had a kitchen, a BBQ, and a bathroom (though, obviously, Dolly and I used the backyard). Oh, and speaking of the backyard, we had it all to ourselves, so there were all kinds of new smells to check out! We also got a fun welcome package just for us dogs! It had treats, bandanas, and even doggy bags for when we were outside playing — they really thought of everything!

After the long drive, we were ready for bed. Dolly slept on the bed with Mum and Dad, but I, being six years old now (a big boy!), slept on my own bed in the other room. The beds were comfy, and everypawdy had a great night’s sleep. And that was important because the next day was full of adventure!

Explore Everywhere

We were up bright and early on our full day at Xpérience Kouchibouguac. After all, there was so much we wanted to do. And exploring Kouchibouguac National Park was at the top of our list. One of the most incredible things about ​​Xpérience Kouchibouguac is that it’s just at the entrance of the park, so there’s a whole world of adventure mere seconds from your doorstep, no rides needed. That was enough to get my tail wagging! So after a quick breakfast (and a trip to the backyard to sniff around), we hopped in the car and headed to the park.

Our first stop was Callanders beach, because guess what? It’s dog-friendly! And, since it was the quiet season, we had the whole beach to ourselves! Dolly and I did so much running and playing while exploring the sand and tall grass with Mum and Dad — it was just the best!

While we were here, Mum and Dad also took to the nearby entrance of the Migmag – Cedar Trail. It was impossible to miss because there’s a huge wigwam there, as well as plaques that tell the story of Indigenous people of the area. Mum and Dad told us what the plaques said (we can’t read, after all), and we had a lot of fun exploring.

The Bog Trail

After our time at the beach, we decided we wanted to do a hike! Now, as I said before, Dolly and I are city dogs. We don’t spend a lot of time in the wilderness.So we wanted to choose a trail for our hike that would be fun, but not too challenging. With that in mind, we went with the Bog trail. It’s about 1.5 km one-way, and it was sooooo cool! The route takes you through a wet softwood forest before arriving at the spiral staircase, where you can climb a 20-foot tall tower for a fantastic bird’s eye view of the area (unfortunately, there were no birds up there for me to chase!). From here, you can walk a boardwalk into the bog that takes you past a small pond, as well as plenty of interpretive signs to help you learn all about this interesting place and its natural plant life.Percy

Now, doods, here’s where I have to be pawnest with you. While we were walking along the boardwalk… I got excited and accidentally jumped in the bog! was almost up to my front paws, and dad needed to rescue me! sure am lucky he was there! Once I got out of the bog, we all had a good laugh — I was COVERED in mud! I looked very funny, but it wasn’t so amusing when dad needed to clean me off later before he let me in the car! After this moment we’ll refer to as “The incident”, we continued our hike. It took us to a lookout platform near the centre of the bog. It was really interesting! I’ll tell you this much, doods, you don’t see many bogs in the city! I guess that’s probably why I decided to jump in one!Percy

Once we made it back to the car, I have to admit that Dolly and I were sleepy. Being a city dog is fun, but you sure don’t get the same workout that country dogs do! So, we decided it was time to return to our cabin at Xpérience Kouchibouguac. As soon as we got in the door, I was ready for a snooze, and so was Dolly. Mom and Dad said they wanted to go do a couple humans-only things, and I said that was fine!


Humans Only

Sure, Xpérience Kouchibouguac is fun for us dogs, but there was lots of cool stuff for the humans to do as well! After we went to the cabin to sleep, Mum and Dad took a quick drive to a local winery to check out some of their local specialties. As I understand it, the wine they tried was outstanding, and they bought a lot of bottles from the Richibucto Wine River Estate to bring back home with them (I’ve never been much for wine — I’m more of a water dog myself!). Then, they went to a local restaurant for some delicious fish and chips at l’Amigo five minutes down the road in Saint-Louis de Kent (Dad always says it’s not a vacation until you have some fish and chips). They also picked up some supplies at the local Tradition Market Cooperative for a special treat!

Things are Heating Up

When Mum and Dad got home, it started to get dark, which meant it was time for a backyard fire! My parents didn’t have to fetch wood too far, there was some right there, cut for us with a lighter. They got some supplies for s’mores (we were only allowed to sample some crackers, no chocolate!), and we sat outside under the stars and next to a crackling fire. It was such an excellent way to end our amazing day! Right there, in the serenity of nature, we found an ideal place to find calm.

Xpérience Kouchibouguac for Yourself

The next morning, it was time to head back to Halifax, but we can’t wait to visit again soon! Xpérience Kouchibouguac is close to so many outdoor adventures (we barely scratched the surface!)

The people are accommodating and friendly, and they certainly go above and beyond to make doggos feel special! So if you’re looking for a unique, relaxing escape with your humans, Xpérience Kouchibouguac is the pawfect place for it! They have activities for every season, skill level, and interest! We’re excited to go back in the summer and bring some of our other dog friends along for the ride. And when we do, you can be sure we’ll tell everyone all about it over on Instagram!

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