Xperience Kouchibouguac

At Xperience Kouchibouguac, we want to acknowledge that although we offer premium chalets and reasonable prices, our goal is to provide you with so much more.
We are a welcome retreat after spending the day on the beach or hiking the trails, or simply a relaxing place to escape to after being surrounded by the busyness of the city.
We value comfort, cleanliness, solitude, and relaxation, but another thing we have truly come to value is community. Our community has so much to offer, to more than just tourists, but even locals that are looking to see the beauty of the province.

COVID has forced a lot of us to look inward and locally when planning and it has opened our eyes to the endless opportunities our guests have that come to truly experience Kouchibouguac.
In the winter months, we do our best to work hand in hand with the park to ensure our guests can have the skiing, snow shoeing or fat biking adventure they are hoping for. Sometimes that means keeping tabs on the ski conditions for our guests or recommending local eateries for take-out or food to bring back to cook over the campfire. It can be as simple as helping snowmobilers navigate the many trails available to them!

Summer is also opportunity abound, as we guide you to fishing adventures, hiking opportunities, inner tubing, golf, wine tasting, amazing pizza and SO much more!
When you visit us, you will come to understand that we value so much more than what we have to offer you, but we strive to expose the abundance of opportunity that a lot of local businesses have as well. We certainly have our favourites – Five Star Pizza that has HANDS DOWN the best seafood pizza going! Or how about Let’s go to Maria’s, an amazing ice cream shop build in a restored church! Looking to better understand the aboriginal culture? We can point you to some amazing experiences nearby, or how about wanting to take a closer look at nature? We’ve got you covered and can point you towards some tours that will take you right to the seals doorstep!

Xperience Kouchibouguac New Brunswick is filled with adventure, should you only seek it out. We know that there’s something for everyone and if you’re not sure what to do or where to go? Simply ask us and we’ll use our local expertise to guide you to the best vacation we can. We like to be committed to your stay while you are here, making ourselves available for questions and doing our best to provide what you need to perfect your stay.
What do we think makes an adventure complete? The ability to bring your canine companion with you! We firmly believe that pets are family too and we do more than accommodate your canine companions, we greet them with what we call a “Wagbox”! The box itself contains locally made biscuits and even a locally made bandana for your pup to sport while on vacation!
Comfort and enjoyment for the whole family is at the top of our priority list when you spend time at XperienceKouchibouguac. We hope our commitment to uncovering other local gems like ourselves, will help you come to trust and depend on us for your ideal family vacation. Let us and the community around us, give you boundless exploration, endless cuisine options and a variety of unique experiences that will keep you coming back to truly experience kouchibouguac each year and in all seasons!